The strain Clamp Bolts (Anchoring Bolt 3)

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Specification of The strain Clamp Bolts (Anchoring Bolt 3)

Fiber Optic Cable Clamp Strain:
Fiber Optic Cable Clamp Strain or what is commonly called Anchoring is a clamp clamp that is used as a cable hanger when installing cables on tension poles.
The function of the Strain Clamp / Anchoring is to withstand the cable pull, in general the strain clamp is installed at the initial or final location of the cable pull, and in the cable construction turning on the tension pole.
because the main function of the Strain Clamp is to hold or tighten the cable, the Strain Clamp must be made of the best quality aluminum so that the strain clamp is able to withstand the load of the cable when installed on the pole.
The result of using a strain clamp made of low quality material is that the Clamp Strain will be easily damaged, one of the causes of the Clamp Strain being damaged is because the Clamp Strain is unable to withstand the cable pull load when the cable is attached to the tension pole, the impact of this is causing the cable to loosen and the cable to fall to the ground which can result in damage to the cable or other losses.
Therefore the strain clamp must be made of quality material to avoid damage when the cable is installed on the tension pole.
There are 2 types of clamp strains, namely
1. 4 Bolt Clamp Strain
2. 3 Bolt Clamp Strain

We are from the Jayalah Mahatma Sakti Shop selling quality strain clamps made of quality aluminum so that our production strain clamps are guaranteed quality and quality.
We always maintain the quality and quality of the goods we sell to our customers, by always maintaining quality control on each of our products, because we always maintain the customer trust given to us as a supplier or partner for procuring quality materials.
In addition to selling Strain Clamps, we also sell other electrical network material products and Fiber Optic Cables.
We from the Jayalah Mahatma Sakti Shop receive orders for all regions of Indonesia including Java, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Sumatra, NTT, NTB, Bali, Maluku, Ambon and Papua
for ordering information and products can contact:

Mobile: 081-554-470-666
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WA / Telegram: 089-518-503-850
PIC: Achmad Fauzi

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